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About Prakashjot Kaur

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Heading 1

My yoga journey began in my early teenage years initially with Ashtanga. When I came to England I discovered Kundalini Yoga and began my training as a teacher in 2012. 


I studied and graduated with Amrit Nam Sarovar Kundalini Yoga School, where I gained KRI Certification.


I also trained and qualified as a Sacred Sound Healer and Gong Player with Nadi Gong - Leszek Angulski school in Poland.

I use 35" Royal Tam Tam Gong and Wind Gong, as well as a growing collection of Tibetan Singing Bowls and Shanti Chimes for sound healing. 

I offer the following sound healing sessions:

I've lived all of my adult life in South East London and my goal is to make Kundalini Yoga more accessible and popular in my neighbourhood.


My family and I have a cat and tropical aquarium.

Hope to hear from you soon :) 

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