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Meditative Gatherings

in Support of Our Life Experience

All Night Gong Bath Puja

Experience the ultimate All Night Gong Bath Puja, where you will be surrounded by healing vibrations of antique Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, creating an atmosphere of deep relaxation and meditation. Bring your blanket, pillow, and anything else that will help you feel comfortable for the night. We will be playing Solfeggio Scales healing sound waves, so you can fully relax and be in the present moment. You will wake up to a cup of hot beverage, bowl of fruit, and lots of LOVE.Growth


Red Tent Women's Circle with Emma

Let me introduce Emma Hewitt.

She is a Reiki Master and Teacher, a Reiki Drummer, drum maker, artist and professional Tarot Reader.  Emma has been holding Women’s Circles in South East London drawing on her Reiki practices and over 20 years creative facilitation experience to hold a safe, supportive and transformational space.


Emma’s Red Tent Women’s Circles include time for sharing, oracle cards, intention setting, drumming together & a Reiki Drum meditation.  This ancient practice of sitting in circle together allows women to drop into the here and now and create a transformative and powerful space to shift energies and recognise the deep connection and support we have with our sisters.

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Cacao Ceremony with Maila

Maila is our Cacao Guardian


Meet the cacao spirit♡


We gather to meet cacao, a natural ancestral medicine from the ancient Mesoamerica.


A medicine that is centered on the heart, on reconnection with the one self, which has the ability to soften, if not eradicate, our armor.


~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~


Some guidelines for our meeting:


Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and recreational drugs during the day, arrive with light stomach at the ceremony,

avoid eating for at least an hour and a half, max two hours before our gathering.

Clearly if you can.


We will take off our shoes and lay down for a deep meditation, so if you like bring a yoga mat, a blanket and a cushion with you (although we can provide it), so you will be warm and comfortable.


Also you can bring your favourite cup to drink your cacao, if you like. Cups are also provided. 


Cacao really likes water, so I highly recommend to bring a bottle of water with you, to keep yourself hydrated.

Water drops near a stack of stones

The Sedona Method Workshops with Patrycja

Patrycja uses The Sedona Method technique as one of the Life Coaching tools to  help release all the negativities in your life that are preventing you from the progress, as well as goal setting and achivements

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