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Week 5 (16 Feb) - You Shall Command

"You must work first to develop the spiritual power, then the power of the outside world will become smaller and you shall command" - Yogi Bhajan

The "Agan Granthi" is at the heart center. It is the place for the fire element of life; it circulates and purifies the blood and digests the food. It creates all the juices in us. When the energy here is not circulated properly, it can destroy us; it makes us angry, limited, intolerant, and uncommitted.

Sometimes the most difficult thing for a person to do is to shift gears; shifting from anger or frustration to something more productive, moving the energy from one chakra to another. We are all built to be wise, intelligent, peaceful, and helpful. Why are our lives not that way?

In the West, we feel that if we build our outside and expand ourselves materially, we will be strong and balance our lives, but this is wrong. There is an inner law that for every expansion, there is a corresponding contraction. You must work first to develop the spiritual power inside, then the power of the outside world will become smaller and you shall command.

Try to understand, through your experience, the difference in effect of the three different tapes played in exercises eight, nine, and ten. It will help you to understand how communication changes depending upon the chakra from which the communication is projected. In chanting all three mantras, be sure to use the tip of the tongue to create the sound current. (

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