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Week 6 (23 Feb) - Strengthen tour Radiance

When the radian body is strong the Aura is tipped with a golden rim. We enhance the radiant body (so you don't give up)

Chattra chakkra vartee, chattra chakkra bhugatay

Suyumbhav subhang sarab daa sarab jugtay

Dukaalang pranaasee dayaalang saroopay

Sadaa ung sungay abhangang bibhootay


Thou art pervading in all the four directions,

the Enjoyer in all the four directions.

Thou art self -illumined and united with all.

Destroyer of bad times, embodiment of mercy.

Thou art ever within us.

Thou are the everlasting giver of undestroy-able power.

These are the last four lines of Guru Gobind Singh's powerful prayer, Jaap Sahib. Chattra Chakkra Vartee removes fear, anxiety, depression, insecurity and phobias. It instills courage, fearlessness and brings victory. It gives self-command and self-grace.

Yogi Bhajan was once asked by a psychologist, “Is there any meditation for doubts and insecurities?” The answer was “Yes, Chattra Chakkra Vartee”. Yogi Bhajan said it worked for him, too. “To be in America and to have Americans as students, even God sometimes doubts what he created!” [12/4/89]

You can choose a favorite recording of Chattra Chakkra Vartee and chant along with it whenever you feel challenged or weak. Play it in the car as you drive. Put it on ‘repeat’ softly in the background as you sleep. Let it penetrate every cell and fiber—day and night—for 40, 90 or even 120 days.

Blackheath Quakers Meeting House Lawn TerraceBlackheathLondon SE3 9LL, UK

Thursday night 18:00 - 19:15

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