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Breath is my best friend

Pranayam, magic word, powerful tool that keeps you alive, strong and healthy in the physical body and your mind.

Pranayam is nothing else but work with your breath. At first it might be confusing and may even bring a lot of fear to the surface. However with time it will grow in confidence together with you turning 'hard work' it to joyful game.

Through Kundalini Yoga you will learn lots of different techniques which have a power to change your outlook on life.

Long Deep Breathing

Calms the mind; balances the emotions; harmonises the body, mind, and spirit

Alternate Nostril Breathing

Energises and calm the nervous system

Breath of Fire

Strengthens the nervous system; purifies the bloodstream; energises, stimulates, wakes up, and increases vitality.

Suspending the Breath

Reconditions the nervous system; integrates the body systems; experience deep stillness, shuniya - point zero, Alfa mind

Segmented Breath

  • 4 parts in : I part out healing: energizing, uplifting

  • 4 parts in : 4 parts out: clarity, alertness, triggering glands

  • 8 parts in : 8 parts out: calming, centering

  • 8 parts in : 4 parts out: focusing, energizing

  • 4 parts in : 8 parts out: calming, unblocking, letting go

Sitali Breath

Sitali Pranayam is known to have a powerful cooling, relaxing effect on the body, while maintaining alertness. It is known to lower fevers, and aid digestion

Cannon Breath

Cleanses and strengthens the parasympathetic nerves, and adjusts the digestion. Cannon Breath is Breath of Fire done through the mouth

Whistle Breath it changes the circulation

Lion Breath is a powerful breath in the upper chest and throat. It cleanses out toxins, and is good for the throat chakra, and the thyroid

Sitkari Breath is used for cleansing, and boosting glandular function

Vatskar Breath. With this breath we sip in the air. We do not take air down as if into the stomach. Just bring it into the lungs.

1% of theory, 99% of practice. To practice is to Experience. To Experience is to understand. To understand is to know.

Come and join us in the practice. Sat Nam

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